NewTree Ranch, an unparalleled destination for travelers seeking wellness experiences and an eco-friendly destination, is accepting long-term reservations as well as four and six-night retreat reservations for stays beginning July 1, 2020.  Nestled in the secluded Pacific Redwood Forest of Northern California, the biodynamic ranch is a mecca for mind, body and spirit, allowing guests to relax, rejuvenate and discover their inner curiosity through an array of healing and outdoor adventure offerings.  As our culture dramatically shifts to focus on health, the surrounding environment and creating a positive change in the world, travelers are reconsidering what the ideal vacation looks like.  NewTree Ranch presents the perfect destination, bringing a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to travel and bespoke experiences for guests.

“I believe our connection with nature is not a choice, but a necessity, and I encourage everyone to find theirs,” said Ed Newell, founder and CEO of NewTree Ranch.  “NewTree Ranch provides visitors with the opportunity to rethink the way they integrate with the environment.  Traditional approaches to sustainable travel have focused on how to minimize the negative impact human activity has on natural resources.  However, at NewTree Ranch, we focus not simply on minimizing damage, but on nurturing and healing ourselves and the environment.”


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