Ed Newell, founder and CEO of NewTree Ranch, a ‘farmstead’ concept found in the Pacific Redwood Forest of northern California, says that he thinks people will look for new and better ways to travel.

“We will move forward, and not look back,” he says. “As humans, we are very good at change and adaptation. Above all, people will want to feel more secure and more in control of their travel experiences: what they will be exposed to, and how much they will be exposed.”

A remote escape based on 120 acres of untouched land, NewTree Ranch is immersed in nature and offers innovative retreats for the mind, body and spirit. It is this unique natural setting, and seclusion, which Ed feels is particularly fitting for travellers right now.

“Just by simply being at NewTree Ranch, our guests are socially distancing,” he continues. “They can mindfully connect with the outdoors and live synonymously with nature. They can walk or bike the many trails on-site, partake in a one-on-one plant-based cooking class or a yoga session outdoors, learn about biodynamic gardening or simply relax. Additionally, guests can book once-in-a-lifetime transformative explorations, such as The Wim Hof Experience.”