Interactive Family Retreat

From interacting with the ranch’s onsite animals, such as chickens, Scottish Highlander cows, retired equestrian horse, miniature horse and Nigerian Dwarf goats, to learning how to prepare deliciously nutritious meals that even the youngest family members will love, this retreat encourages families to learn together and thrive amongst nature, as their familial bond grows stronger. 

Sample Activities: 

    • Nature walks with the whole family – learn to identify native plants and learn about the rich history of the area.
    • Gardening lessons – Kids, and adults, can work with the farmers to learn about the different plants they grow at the ranch and learn about the harvesting process.
    • Art session – Painting/art project designed for the whole family 
    • Date Night for the parents – Parents are given a night off with a romantic dinner in the garden, while the kids are kept entertained by a babysitter at the ranch house.