Video Testimonial - July 2020

...the place I would like to return to the most.

NewTree Ranch was the best vacation my family and I have ever had. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and this is by far the place I would like to return to the most. I could not recommend it any higher. It was absolute bliss and I can’t wait until our next visit.

Wendy & Bill

May 2021

NewTree Ranch is truly a paradise on earth.

What a blessing to have had the opportunity to experience the modern day utopia you are creating! NewTree Ranch is truly a paradise on earth. The peaceful atmosphere allowed for relaxation of mind & body beyond compare, and along with Maggie’s Yin Yoga classes, I feel like a new person. I could easily become vegan if Matteo was cooking all of my meals – they were delicious and so beautifully presented. All in all, we enjoyed 2 weeks that we will treasure. Many good wishes to you both as you continue making your utopia dream come true! Thank you so much!

Want to visit NewTree Ranch?

Fred and Julie

April 2021

Texas Carnivores Learn to Appreciate the Plant-Based, Natural Way of Life.

The headline should read “Texas Carnivores Learn to Appreciate the Plant-Based, Natural Way of Life.” But our sojourn here was much more than that: the ranch, the animals, Healdsburg, the wine country, biking, the Pacific Coast and more. But getting to know Ed, David, Matteo, Maria and Geraldo was tops among them. Thank you for the experience!

Cindy and Kurt

April 2021

We loved our brunch, cooking class and dinner at the farm

Ed, David, Matteo and Team,

You have created a little bit of heaven on earth. The first impression is one of peace and beauty, and that impression becomes reality as we rest in this place. We have an increased appreciation for the produce of the earth, and Matteo taught us new ways to enjoy those. We loved our brunch, cooking class and dinner at the farm; yin yoga with Maggie was a total destressor (if we had any stress remaining). Thank you for also welcoming our elderly pets – Romeo and Chloe enjoyed their experience, too.

All our best wishes as you continue to build your dream.


December 2020

a wonderfull place to go to escape...

New tree is a wonderful place to go to escape and to slow down. Guests are freed from responsibilities and can focus on nature’s rhythms, beauty and bounty.

[What we liked most about our stay:] Feeling completely safe during Covid. Feeling cozy and comfortable in the house. Having our meals taken care of. Gathering eggs, picking lettuce, enjoying the animals, the tent, the hot tub, and the art activities, and taking lovely hikes, . The song lyrics that repeated in my head during the stay were, “we’ll find perfect peace, where joys never cease, and let the rest of the world go by”


August 2020

The chance to ride horses, collect fresh eggs and vegetables, paddle board in a beautiful lake and swim in the pool was priceless.

In the current environment, due to COVID-19, we weren’t sure if a family vacation was even possible this summer. We were fortunate enough to discover NewTree, and not only had a real vacation, but had the best one our family has ever had. Ed and David are ahead of the curve, creating a curated experience that literally has something for everyone. Every minute and every detail was perfection – the house, the pool, the amazing food (it was all vegan, which was a change for us – and every meal was delicious). Ed and David have created an experience where they somehow manage to provide the ultimate escape with privacy and at the same time make you feel like you are family. They could not have been more welcoming and kind to us, our two young boys and our two dogs. The chance to ride horses, collect fresh eggs and vegetables, paddle board in a beautiful lake and swim in the pool was priceless. Our boys loved walking outside and visiting the animals – it is one of the most peaceful experiences we have had. We will never forget this trip, and we can’t wait to go back. If you are wondering if NewTree Ranch is worth it, the answer is yes. It will exceed your expectations by a mile.

Ali, Carey and Jake - Journalist

August 2020

The very redefinition of luxury

What a treat to spend time with you at this incredible ranch, the very redefinition of luxury. The fresh air, the conscious eating, the Wim Hof Method – thank you for letting us share in your vision.  We cant wait to share it with the world.


June 2020

The food seriously was heavenly and delicious.

NewTree Ranch was the most incredible place I ever stayed at. The people there were so kind and offered anything we wanted. From fresh vegetables in the fridge every time we needed them, to delicious meals. Everything you need was provided. The ranch is so beautiful and very comfortable. We loved the pool, the fireplace and interacting with the animals. It felt warm and peaceful. . It also was very safe, clean and sanitized. all over. The food seriously was heavenly and delicious. The ranch was peaceful, in tune with nature and health. The kindness of the owner and everyone there was radiating in every aspect they offered us. The ranch is perfect but the people there are even more than nice they were kind and we could tell they wanted us to have an amazing stay. I miss it so much and will definitely return.


June 2020

The plant-based food their chef cooked for us every day was insane.

How kind and thoughtful the NewTree staff was! I felt so comfortable and relaxed around them. I also really appreciated their approach to living. They are good people who will genuinely make you feel very special and cared for! The service was impeccable. They made sure everything was perfect, down to the tiniest details. They seriously think of everything.

There was an abundance of unique experiences NewTree offered. For example, we practiced yoga with a wonderfully kind instructor, kayaked in the gorgeous & serene lake that was just a short walk away from the property we stayed in, had beautiful dining experiences in their abundant garden, fed their goat and horses fresh veggies every day, etc. Seeing the horses living their best life in the wide open fields from the backyard was such a sight to see every morning. I will never forget the memories I made there!

The plant-based food their chef cooked for us every day was insane. All of the food used to cook our meals was from their garden. We never made any specific requests for meals- we just let the chef surprise us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Every dish was made with love. They even let us request specific veggies we wanted from their garden on the few days we felt like cooking ourselves. I think the food was maybe my favorite part of the whole experience, but it’s hard to say bc literally everything was so perfect! My mom was having bad stomach problems before visiting NewTree, and after eating their strictly plant based diet for a week- her stomach pain went away. Their food is healing, and it has inspired both my mom and me to incorporate more plant-based cooking into our diets. I also LOVED the teas they brought to us every morning- they used fresh herbs from their garden and it has changed the way I make tea now!

It was a truly unique and magical experience, and it’s hard to put into words. NewTree is very connected to nature, and they have a deep appreciation for animals and treating the earth with love, which I really admire.


February 2020

Our children were able to interact with the animals, collect eggs in the morning, go on hikes, and truly commune with nature.

Our Midwestern family of four (2 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 pre-teen) were looking for an experience that differed from our urban Chicago lifestyle and we found one at NewTree Ranch! The drive from San Francisco was easily navigated, stunning and upon arrival to NewTree Ranch, the calmness, comfort and simple elegance we were searching for was immediate. The hosts were so incredibly welcoming, the ranch itself has all the comforts you could ever want (even a crib for our toddler), and the grounds were amazing. Our children were able to interact with the animals, collect eggs in the morning, go on hikes, and truly commune with nature. My husband and I had some quiet moments drinking coffee or wine overlooking the gorgeous vista, and the outdoor fire pit was magical at nighttime. We HIGHLY recommend NewTree Ranch for couples, families, or just anyone wanting to experience Northern California in a cleansing and calming way.


September 2019

...turned out to be the gourmet experience of a life time.

We decided to spend my 60th BDay in Healdsburg with some good friends and discovered the The NewTree Ranch. The property looked beautiful on the website but the overall experience exceeded all of our expectations … – The check in experience was like that of 5 star hotel – The house was the perfect place to hang out with friends for the weekend and the tent with a hot tub provide the perfect spot for star gazing … – There is a marvelous garden on the ranch from which all our meals came from and with fresh eggs from the chicken coup every morning. – We had a pizza dinner in the garden on our 1st night and the experience is hard to describe … A very special unique experience … not your typical wood fired pizza experience … If there had been forest fairies flying around you would think you were in a movie 🙂 – We went with a vegetarian diet for the visit which turned out to be the gourmet experience of a life time. Ed / David brought in a local chef that truly made the experience special. I have had gourmet chef meals before but the flavor experience was in the top five of my life. We had a squash bloom with stuff cheese lightly battered that was truly unique and memorable – The BDay dinner was a 6 course meal prepared by a chef that was truly talented. And they made sure that there were enough servers that everyone’s food was served at the same time … a very nice touch. – We did wine tasting with a group of 17 friends and Ed took care of transportation – Throughout the visit we needed to make adjustments for additional friends joining and windy conditions and Ed and the staff took care of everything and made the whole experience stress free – For anyone looking for a special experience for a special occasion they want to share with some good friends I would highly recommend NewTree Ranch.


September 2019

This is a fabulous property.

We were a family of 6 plus a 11 month old cerebrating a 30th bday. This was such a great choice. So much to do and see leading in first with an immaculate property, much attention to details, the finest of everything and wonderful host. We loved the fridge filled with fresh produce from the ranch along with fresh daily eggs. The lighting, bedding, Sonos, several fireplaces and firepits, fresh flowers throughout the house, decor, anything you might want… It was all available! Besides the solar heated pool, there’s a lake you can swim, canoe and paddle board in. Also, there’s a Yurt (glamping) with a fireplace on property with a hot tub to experience something that is really special. Meeting the goats and cattle along with the chickens and adorable Dick the dog was a treat. We were so impressed with the plant based dinner they provided. The gardens you dine in are beautiful, the food delicious and experience memorable! You are only 15 minutes from Healdsburg if you want to eat out or explore. There are several wineries nearby as well. This is a fabulous property. Healdsburg in general has cell phone connection issues… Make sure you have the gate code and accurate directions from homeowner before you head out to property as you may not have cell coverage approaching that area until you are on premises.


July 2019

NewTree Ranch is fantastic.

The house is beautiful, the scenery spectacular and the overall feel is incredible. Ed and David are incredible hosts who take great care of the property and guests needs. We had a wonderful weekend and want to go back again next year.


August 2019

An amazing experience that should not be missed.

The short version, you will not be sorry. Book and enjoy – everything! OK, the longer version. We booked very last minute as our prior plans fell through. Ed was so responsive and quickly got everything sorted fort the next day! Because we provided very little time, Ed outlined that the majority of staff wouldn’t be available as they were off. Not at all a problem for us as we wanted a pretty low profile stay. As you head through the quiet streets you are transported to another world. Heading up the driveway you are met with the large house on the left, a barn and chickens on the right. Kids already excited. You enter the house which is expansive and thoughtfully decorated. The owners have been very thoughtful about creating experiences throughout the house, from the piano playing to the various teas left for you to drink. We settle in and the next day we head to their farm area where they have so many types of plants growing, each with a story of their own. The owners took the time to explain how they planted each one, why they did it and what their vision of the property was. We head back to the main house area and for the next few days, the kids were in and out of the pool, by the patio with the fire on, checking in on the chickens or heading to the private lake for a canoe ride. We were so relaxed that we asked to extend another day and not head back to work 🙂 Again the owners accommodated immediately. This is a place for those who want to get away from it all, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature but still have all the mod cons you would want. It was certainly hard to leave and head back home. Thank you for an AMAZING stay that I would recommend to anyone wanting to relax, reconnect and enjoy life.


April 2019

Simply fabulous

Even better was the food itself, which was both an education and delightful making full use of the garden produce, and the care from Ed and his team. We were treated like royalty, enjoyed new friendships and came away with new ideas about responsible living. I can’t recommend the ranch more highly.


May 2019

I truly enjoyed it.

They put on a cooking class for us, and I would normally never dream of doing something like that. But it was fantastic, easy/no pressure and what we cooked actually tasted fantastic. I truly enjoyed it. Makes me feel I might even cook at home some day (if I can find the kitchen)!


February 2019

A magical retreat

A magical retreat! What can you say when a property completely exceeds your expectations and provides the perfect setting for a long-weekend away? Relaxing by the pool, enjoying a cozy evening by the fire, and movie night all feel second nature in this beautiful ranch home. A visit to the on-property bio-dynamic farm completes the experience and reminds you what harmony with nature looks like. Have a dinner in the garden and you are transported to another world. Ed, David and his team are 5-star in every way. Be prepared to be amazed.


March 2019

You leave refreshed...

When the world is closing in on you, and you feel it spinning out of control, it is time to head to NewTree Ranch!! What an amazingly beautiful location with so much to learn. From the luxurious residence, the fun of the lake and the deliciousness of the edible farm. You leave refreshed and with a new outlook on how to make sure we are doing the best for ourselves and our planet.

Kim and Charlie

April 2019

...the experiences at NewTree Ranch are priceless.

From the eyes of a 2-year-old, there truly is no better place on earth. Whether it’s going to the chicken coop to get eggs, riding the ATV to the garden to pick vegetables for lunch or seeing a sky full of stars, the experiences at NewTree Ranch are priceless. As Charlie’s mom, I am thrilled that he is able to learn firsthand where the food he eats comes from and that he is able to run around and connect directly with nature.


May 2019

I felt I was working with nature

I came to NewTree Ranch in search of a higher connection to nature and myself. Two years into farming here, I realized it wasn’t just a higher connection I needed, but also a way to slow down and understand my surroundings. As I was taking care of the plants in the garden, I realized I was also taking care of myself. One day, I was holding a flower in the palm of my hand accompanied by a bee. Feeling the vibration and gentleness of the bee, I felt no worry of being stung. Instead I felt a part of this symbiotic relationship. And for the first time, I felt I was working with nature and the symmetry between the plant, the bee and myself. This is when time stopped and I was able to start living together in harmony with nature and my family at New Tree Ranch.


April 2019

...a feeling of deep peace

The true lure of NewTree isn’t something that can be translated into words. For me, it’s simply a feeling of deep peace that I feel whenever I am there and the immediate desire to return as soon as I leave.