Blog Post

I cannot help but see that we are connecting in ways we never have before.  Many of us have been isolated from each other and forced to spend much needed time with ourselves and our family members.  We, for once, are looking deeply in our own backyards for beauty and peace.   We now look closer to home for the things we used to travel so far to receive.  We are bonding in ways we never knew we were capable of and doing things we never wanted to be capable of.

I see a brand-new world in front of us, one where we not only know ourselves but love ourselves.  One where we are not kind because of laws but because we have deep seeded empathy for those in our world.  We protect nature like it is an extension of ourselves.

Once we have been exposed to a new way of thinking about ourselves, those around us and the natural environment, we will not be able to look back.  We will simply move forward, with no difficulty and complete understanding that there is plenty for all.  Plenty of air, plenty of water, plenty of food, and, most of all, plenty of love.