Blog Post

Having spent many years in the interior design business, I have seen the endless cycles of fads gaining and then losing popularity.  I always assumed that the cycles were natural, a type of movement forward or evolution.  After all, we don’t decorate our homes today the exact same way we did in the 60s.

There is also an evolution happening at NewTree.  We have recently started changing our vehicles and tools from fossil fuel powered to electric. Once we have sufficient solar power at the ranch, this will mean we will be net zero on our cars, tools, landscaping equipment, etc… We recently purchased a Tesla, trading in our large SUV.  I recall comments from friends and acquaintances, disappointed with the change.  Many felt that the look of the Model X was not as nice as the large SUV; that the large SUV was much more fashionable.  Perhaps on one level, this is true.  But on a more important level, should a fossil fuel thirsty car be fashionable?  What is in fashion is for us to create; what is “in” should be decided by us.

Since I have been driving my Model X and plugging it in to the wall that is powered by my solar panels, this car has become very “good looking”. Similarly, as I find out what types of foods are good for me and the environment, my taste buds change.  I have begun to enjoy these new items more and more, and that old, unhealthy diet is no longer appealing.

Let’s make things that are good for us and the planet, sexy, cool and “in”. Let’s make things that hurt us and our environment, unattractive, dull and “out”.  We have the power to change; no one else does.