Blog Post

I remember when I first met Harald Hoven, our biodynamic farm consultant.  He told me that our relationship with the plants was not balanced. I remember thinking to myself, “We give them water and nutrients and they give us food, what more can there be?”  I sit here, three years later, and can tell you that there is so much more! I am literally a different person today than I was then; the farm has shown me how to be compassionate, empathic and patient.


This naturally helps my relationships with others. But more importantly, the relationship I have with myself has changed  from being very distant to very loving. My farm also speaks for itself; everywhere you turn the land is happy, the fields are thriving and the vegetables are bursting with flavor.  I sit in peace at the farm often, and I notice the bugs and the birds are singing louder and louder everyday. A friend recently commented that only humans can write Shakespeare. When I sit and listen to nature, I question that statement.

I believe our connection with nature is not a choice but a necessity, and I encourage everyone to find theirs.